The future of philanthropy in Brazil: contributing to social and environmental justice

In 2023, the Beja Institute starts the Philanthropy movement, a meeting to think and discuss the future of Philanthropy in Brazil and how society can contribute to the causes of social and environmental justice, with the presence of more than 20 philanthropists and several Executives responsible for social projects.

With the theme “Oxygenating good deeds”, conducting a strategic research in partnership, with the consultant Silvia Bastante of Braymont Philanthropy Advisory and interviews of professionals and experts in the sector in which we address the importance of systemic changes, the causes of social problems and how to reduce social inequality in the country through the resources received.

In the face-to-face meeting, the director of the Skoll Center for Social Entrepreneurship at Oxford University, Peter Drobac, and the founder of the Synergos Institute, Peggy Dulany, were invited to discuss the topic. To enhance social impact, we seek to stimulate dialogue on philanthropy and promote a more equal, inclusive and supportive society.

The Future of Philanthropy in Brazil.

Research conducted in partnership with Silvia Bastante consultant of the Unverhau to contribute to social and environmental justice