Memorial PAF created in honor of founder Pedro Alberto Fischer

German, son of Carl Fischer. Raised in three cities: Salem, Hamburg and Rio de Janeiro. Had an entrepreneurial spirit since his teens. Passionate about music, he found in jazz his dream and created the band “Farmhouse Jazzkids” in which he formed lifelong friends crossing bars and cities in several performances in Germany.

Years later, living in Rio de Janeiro, he changed his professional field and became an entrepreneur and representative of the family business in the agro-industrial segment and later in his own investments in the financial market.

A taste for challenges, unconditional solidarity, a highly creative and stimulating curiosity, an immediate charisma and a tendency to adventure characterized our founder.

Throughout his life, he became a philanthropist and supporter of social impact projects aimed at benefiting and contributing to the human development of diverse populations.

The PAF Memorial is open to the public and is located at Rua da Assembleia, n°10 – sala 1301, Edifício Candido Mendes, centro do Rio – Rio de Janeiro.

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