Beja Institute inaugurates headquarters and memorial in Rio de Janeiro

Por Instituto Beja, July 12, 2022
Beja Institute inaugurates headquarters and memorial in Rio de Janeiro

The Beja Institute opened its doors in July 8th in Rio de Janeiro with the inauguration of its headquarters at Rua Assembleia, 10 room 1301, in Centro, and also a memorial in the same location, room 1401, to honor the legacy of Pedro Alberto Fischer, who inspired the creation of the organization.

The institute was founded in December 2021 by its creator Cristiane Sultani and its main goals are to reduce inequalities and contribute to human dignity. Its mission is to promote integral human development through interconnected actions on three fronts:
Education – aimed at children and young people, seeking a cultural and social change and a connection with the other programmatic actions;
Gender equality – support to preventive practices (e.g. related to the education of boys and girls) and also of direct incidence, which welcome girls and women at risk or who have already suffered from some violent act. There is also the objective of alerting and generating reflection and mobilization in civil society about the violence against women and children and advocacy in the public power on this theme;
Income generation – mainly the employability of people 50+, bringing income expansion and conditions for full family development.

“When I thought of creating the Beja Institute, I thought I didn’t know anything about philanthropy. I had the values of being kind; of listening to others; of giving a hand, at some point, to whoever needed it. I grew up in a family like that. The union with Pedro strengthened these values because Pedro was also like that”, said Beja’s Founder and President, Cristiane Sultani.

Watch the testimonial by the Founder and President of the Beja Institute, Cristiane Sultani

Technology and interactivity: memorial will provide immersive experience

At the memorial in honor of Pedro Alberto Fischer’s legacy, visitors will be invited to participate in an immersive experience to learn about his universe and passions. All this by means of technological and interactive resources. At the end, everyone will reflect individually on how to enhance their skills. The space will receive, upon invitation, institutions from the sector, students, and interested public.

Pedro Alberto Fischer was the founder of the Fischer Group together with his father Carl Fischer, his mother Lily Fischer, and his brother Carlos Fischer.