A Batalha da Natureza reaches more than 3 thousand children and young people

Por Instituto Beja, July 11, 2022
A Batalha da Natureza reaches more than 3 thousand children and young people

A Batalha da Natureza (The Battle of Nature), a theater play aimed at children and young people and supported by the Beja Institute, reached more than 3,000 children with its presentations in June at Cidade das Artes [City of Arts] and at public schools in the state of Rio de Janeiro. The play approaches in a playful way themes related to environmental conservation, such as the correct disposal of waste. The differential is the interactivity. The audience participates in a quiz during the show, in which teams of flora and fauna are formed.

At the end of the show, the children and young people were given a comic book with the characters from the play, and were able to take what they had learned home with them.

See below the testimonial from the principal of one of the schools that watched the show and some drawings made by the children who participated:

“I appreciate the opportunity of participating in this cultural action that you have promoted. It was a playful and unique moment in the lives of 275 children from our school community. The parents who accompanied us were also extremely happy to participate. We had the touching story of a father who helped build the Cidade das Artes, and who never had the opportunity to visit the space, and on this day he could go with his son. Actions like these make our children’s eyes shine and feed our work, which is focused on the development of our students. We believe that the connection of culture and education is the way to the improvements that our country needs so much”, said Mary Araújo da Silva, principal of Escola Municipal Almeida Garret.

We believe that initiatives such as this treat in a playful and attractive way the importance of environmental education, a theme that is increasingly more fundamental nowadays. In A Batalha da Natureza, with a lot of fun, everyone learns about the consequences that pollution causes to the environment and to our lives. Batalha da Natureza is organized by the Mar Adentro Institute.

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A Batalha da Natureza is available online in two formats. Go to:
Interactive Play

Comic Book